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Victory Comes With Patience

Mindmatch Experts deals in corporate events, brand activation, wedding events, award ceremonies, and proposal management. Events are not only limited to mainstream managed program themes, but rather a mixture of all kinds, which enables a larger gathering to light their spark. This includes understanding what is important to you and what personal qualities you value in yourself and others. If you’re looking to get your life all sorted, you are at the right place.

Collection of right data

It’s very easy to collect a lot of data, but it can get messy when the matchmaking algorithms are trying to use it in purposeful ways.

What suits you best

Choosing the right data science model is the key. From planning to execution, we cover all the bases, may it be a corporate event or proposal management.

Closed-loop feedback

We analyze how our matches fared and take quick action on the feedback. It's important to start the relationship on a positive note with us.

person lying on the sofa getting counselling
a couple sitting on the sofa getting marriage counselling

Corporate Events & Proposal Management

Deeper connection and renewed intimacy

Mindmatch Experts  believe in long-lasting relationships bound by our values. Similarly, sacred bonds are meant to be preserved, cherished, and celebrated. But they often suffer the wear and tear of time and hardships. We believe that any bond can be healed, amends can be made. We are offering corporate event management solutions with professionalism and excellency, catering to your requirements.

Meet the founder

Why Us?

Usman Shabbir is the founder of Mindmatch Experts. He is the youngest vice president of a renowned commercial bank in Pakistan and has served 11 years in various banks in different positions. Skilled in statistical modeling, policy analysis, risk management, financial analysis, and banking. 

His excellent public relations and meticulous behaviour have enabled him to achieve this much success in such a short period of time. He has interacted with more than 10,000 people in his professional career. 

His vision for Mindmatch Experts is to enable aspirants to find the best possible solutions for their required demands. We manage corporate events, seminars, award shows, brand activation, and wedding events and take care of every little (and big!) detail from start to finish, to ensure the event delivers the best return on investment. Mindmatch experts provide you with a platform where you can connect with others on the same frequencies. The successful mega events take place under the umbrella of Usman Shabbir’s vision. Undeniably remarkable events are managed smoothly but in a tedious manner.

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